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What We Do

Barbell Mobility combines lightly weighted movements, exaggerated positions, smashing & rolling techniques, and the concept of progression to unleash your mobility potential. Easily incorporated into ANY training program.

Our Programming

Each warmup highlights mobility work for a specific area on a rotation that includes:

Squat bottom position
Start position
Front rack position
Overhead position

Each 4 week block includes a progression that will direct you through specific mobility drills and movement patterns for one of our key areas.

Check out some examples below.

Squat Mobility


Equipment Needs: 1 inch and 0.5 inch elevated surfaces
Time to Complete: 10 Minutes
Perform Entire Warm-up Barefoot

3 ROUNDS 10 min

Air Squat with Heels Elevated (1")
– 5 reps with 3 second pause in bottom/rep

Air Squat (No Elevation)
– 5 reps with 3 second pause in bottom/rep

Air Squat with Toes Elevated (0.5")
– 5 reps with 3 second pause in bottom/rep

Air Squat (No Elevation)
– 5 reps with 3 second pause in bottom/rep

Start Position Mobility


Equipment Needs: an upright and a kettlebell
Time to Complete: 10 Minutes
Perform Entire Warm-up Barefoot

4 Rounds 10 min

Hamstring Leg Lifts
– 10 reps/side

Romanian Deadlift w/Kettlebell
– 5 reps with 5 second pause in stretch/rep @ kettlebell of choice

Front Rack Mobility


Equipment Needs: an upright, barbell, plates, and squat rack
Time to Complete: 10 Minutes

4 Rounds 10 min

Lat Box Stretch
– 10 reps with 10 second hold in stretch on last rep

Front Squat
– 3 reps with 5 second pause in bottom/rep @ 35-50% best CLEAN

Overhead Mobility


Equipment Needs: barbell and plates
Time to Complete: 10 Minutes

4 Rounds 10 min

Overhead Shoulder Stretch w/Plate
– 5 reps with 5 second pause in stretch/rep @ light bumper plate

Behind Neck Jerk Grip Strict Press
– 3 reps with 5 second hold overhead/rep @ by feel up to no more than 50% best press

Your Coaches

Chad And Jodi

Barbell Mobility is the creation of Chad and Jodi Vaughn, both former elite-level Olympic lifters who have been coaching and teaching in the CrossFit and weightlifting communities since 2010. They have an unwavering love for weightlifting and are passionate about helping others achieve their highest potential. They do this as coaches through an emphasis on health and longevity, and the concept of Barbell Mobility has become the base of that approach.

By incorporating Barbell Mobility into YOUR routine, you can expect a greater level of comfort with a barbell in general, more mobility specifically for the Olympic lifts, and better technique and performance as a by-product!

We are the "get comfortable with a barbell" mobility program!

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See what they're saying about Barbell Mobility.

Cassidy Lance-McWherter

– 5-Time CrossFit Games Competitor, 2-Time CrossFit Regionals Champion, and CrossFit Gym Owner and Coach

"Barbell Mobility has been easy to incorporate into my training and gives me something to keep moving with on my off days. Quick and simple, yet extremely effective towards my goals of improving/maintaining overall comfort and mobility with my barbell movements!"

James Townsend

– Former Chicago Bears Wide Receiver, Elite Weightlifting and CrossFit Competitor, CrossFit Gym Owner and Coach

"I’ve been implementing Barbell Mobility into Mal’s programming [Mal O'Brien, Youth CrossFit Games Sensation and Rising Superstar] for just a few weeks now and we’re already seeing improvements in her snatch. There are drills and protocols in the warmups I never thought of doing or programming and that’s been a huge help. We’ve enjoyed having these warmups available and since I am performing these alongside Mal, it has benefitted us BOTH tremendously!"

Daniel Camargo

– U.S. Senior International Coach, USAW, founder of Oly Concepts

"Finally, mobility specifically for barbell work! This has long been needed from a trusted source. As a coach, I work with more and more people who have to address mobility issues and Barbell Mobility is an all-encompassing place to solve those problems. It's educational as well as directive, and is detailed yet simplistic which makes it usable for any level of athlete or practitioner."

Dr. Aaron Horschig

– Founder of Squat University and author of "The Squat Bible" and "Rebuilding Milo"

"Barbell Mobility is a simple & effective way to develop mobility & enhance your movement quality specific to the Olympic lifts. I can’t recommend this enough for anyone who loves performing the Snatch and Clean & Jerk!"

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After your initial trial, Barbell Mobility costs $11.99/mo.

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Signup Online

Create your account online, then download the app onto your phone and log in to get started.
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How can I sign up for Barbell Mobility?

Start your 7-day free trial here and download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

How many days/week is the program?

There are 7 warmups provided each week, 1 for each day.

Do I have to complete the full week of workouts to benefit from the program?

We recommend doing at least 5 warmups/week. Below are a few suggestions to help you schedule the program:

Barbell Mobility is frequently used during active recovery on your off days. Even if you don't plan on using a barbell, doesn't mean you can't mobilize as if you were going to use it. Remember many movements you make during the day mimic deadlifts, squats, and front rack positions.

Double up on your days! You can do this by performing a Barbell Mobility warmup before your workout as you normally would, and then the next warmup on schedule either somewhere within your workout before a specific exercise, or as a cooldown after your workout.

How do I get the most out of my Barbell Mobility warmups?

Consistency, frequency, and time.

Consistency means performing your Barbell Mobility warmups completely at a minimum frequency level each week.

Frequency means you are performing at least the minimum 5 Barbell Mobility warmups/week and spread out through the week as much as possible. It is optimal to perform 5 warmups spread through 4-5 days of the week and no more than 2 days in a row off.

Time means that many of you will need more than just 1 week or a complete 4-week block to see and experience lasting change. FEEL your body heading towards increased comfort with the barbell within the first few weeks and see at least slight but very meaningful improvements in our emphasized positions (squat, deadlift, front rack, and overhead) after the first 1-2 blocks. This can be monitored by completing our assessments and progress photos at the beginning of each new block.

We also recommend performing a portion of these warm-ups BAREFOOT (where indicated). This is for general foot health and strength, awareness of what it means to have and use a stable foot to help carry over into your movement once you have shoes on, and to increase the difficultly of some of the regularly visited drills and positions lending to a sense of greater ease once you have shoes on in your workout.

How can I contact Barbell Mobility?

To contact us, please email info@barbellmobility.com.

*Barbell Mobility does not currently have a customer service phone number.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Please follow instructions below to cancel:

1. Login to your Barbell Mobility account through a web browser, not the app (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
2. Go to your profile dropdown menu in the top right corner and click billing information. On this screen you can cancel your subscription or you account altogether.

Is there a free trial period?

Yes, we offer a 7-day free trial!

Is the Barbell Mobility app only available through the Apple App Store?

The Barbell Mobility App is also available through Google Play here!

Can I skip around and choose a warmup that fits my training for the day?

We recommend that you follow the indicated order as much as possible.

Barbell Mobility as a whole, is written to be all-encompassing for the benefit of your overall mobility and comfort with a barbell, and each warmup within a given 4-week block works synergistically with the others. ANY of these warmups will provide you with a great general warmup on any given day no matter what you are doing in the workout to follow.

Why do I only see “progression” indicated in the title of the warmup once every 4 days?

Barbell Mobility as a whole is made up of 4-week blocks and each block will include a progression for one of our highlighted positions:

Block 1: Squat Bottom Position
Block 2: Start Position
Block 3: Front Rack Position
Block 4: Overhead Position

Within each progression, we will emphasize 1-2 areas within the position (i.e., ankle, hip, hamstring, t-spine, triceps, etc) through the 4-week block, and increase in movement difficulty as we go (i.e., goblet squats with decreasing heel elevation, increased bottom position hold times, etc).

The non-progression warmups through any 4-week block will continue to be all-encompassing for the given position, meaning that through the 4-week block we will visit each key area of the position multiple times throughout the block.

What equipment will I need for my Barbell Mobility warmups?

Items you will see come up regularly in our warmups include:

- Bumper/Metal plates
- A barbell
- Weightlifting straps
- A solid upright (squat rack leg or pull-up rig)

Other Equipment: a “Back Magic” or ab-mat (as back-arching devices), kettlebells, dumbbells, a squat rack, lacrosse balls, a foam roller, a plyo-box, PVC pipe, and resistance bands.

I don't have all of the equipment... is it required in order to complete the program successfully?

To get the most out of Barbell Mobility we recommend having a majority of the equipment mentioned above, but we do have a few recommendations within the program in case you don't have specific mobility tools available to you.